Guide can also be found in the in-game HELP menu!




 1) Account Level  

2) Player Name

Here you can find information about your level, Tower health and damage, unlocked Champions, and more. Open this to review information about your EXP progress, Notoriety, and Current Deck. 

Check your game stats, deck, and more.

Your towers get stronger as you level up.

The higher your level, the better your rewards!

3) Within the Player Info also exists the Reward Info page. It lists the tome rewards you can expect from each League.

1) These are your Tomes acquired from matches. You can have up to three Tomes collected.

2) This is your Tome Translation slot. Tomes must be translated prior to being opened or can be immediately opened using Crimson. Tomes can be opened mid-translation for a reduced amount of Crimson.

3) This is your Arena Tome. Collect 10 Obscura Stones from matches in order to claim your Arena Tome. Arena Tomes refresh every 6 hours after collection.

4) These are your Free Tomes. You can have up to 3 Free Tomes and they are replenished every 3 hours.

5) This is where you can find your current League and Player Rank. Clicking the BATTLE button will start matchmaking. If no player opponent is found, you are able to play against AI for rewards.

(NOTE: AI opponents DO NOT give stars for victories starting from Silver League.)

The current Season information is also displayed including the Season name and remaining duration. Clicking this area will bring up the Seasons menu which has the Season Leaderboard and Season Rewards.

6) These buttons will give you access to your Player Inbox, Quests, Replays, and News menus.

> Player Inbox: Claim items and rewards for events, maintenances, compensations, and etc.

> Quests: Complete your quests for rewards.

> Replays: Watch your own recent replays as well as top replays from the community.

> News: Read up on the latest news, events, and happenings in RIVAL.

Star requirements for each League & Rank.




Once a match starts, your goal is to either destroy more Towers than your opponent, or destroy their main Tower before they destroy yours. Both will result in a victory for you. Matches are three minutes long and the last minute of regulation is known as Overdrive, where your mana regeneration rate is doubled.

If there is a draw at the end of Overdrive, you will enter 90 seconds Sudden Death. The next player to destroy either a support or main Tower, will claim victory.

If no Towers are destroyed during Sudden Death, the match will end in a draw.


Gameplay in RIVAL is simple and easy to learn. You have two control options for use. Try both and see which you like best (or a combination of both).

Drag and Drop: Simply drag the card you want to use onto the desired spawn position in the Arena.

Tap: Tap the card you'd like to use so it is selected (indicated by its larger size in your deck UI) and then tap on the desired spawn position in the Arena.

Unit cards can only be placed in unlocked zones of the Arena whereas Spell cards can be placed anywhere.



Your deck consists of 9 Champions and can consist of any available card you possess. There are no limitations to your deck configuration. Low mana cost deck? Spell-heavy deck? Team of titans? It's all up to you!

Quick view of each card's mana cost, level, and progress. You can also play AI battles via the Shield & Sword button at the top right.


Once you acquire enough copies of a Champion (via Tomes or Shop), you can level them up. The meter will fill up and turn yellow indicating that the Champion is ready to be upgraded. Upgrading costs Coins which generally improves your Champion’s health, attack, or functionality. Additionally, abilities are unlocked at certain levels. The higher the Champion's level, the more cards are required for the next level up.

Upgrading cards also gives you Player EXP which helps you to level up your Account Level which in turn increases your towers’ health and attack while unlocking additional cards.

Cards will have an “Upgrade” option when enough cards are available for upgrading.

It's time to upgrade!

Cards and Coins required for each level upgrade as well as the amount of EXP you receive for upgrading.


Each Champion has additional abilities that are unlocked as they are leveled up. These abilities can come in the form of a new ability, upgrade of an existing ability, or a passive ability. You can check each Champion's abilities by clicking on the ability icons in their detailed Champion Profile.

Each Champion has 4 unlockable abilities (including the Leader ability).


One Champion in your deck is assigned to the Leader slot. The Champion has access to their Leader ability and does not cost mana in battle, but rather runs on a cooldown timer (the higher the mana cost, the longer the cooldown). Be sure to check the Leader abilities (both active and/or passive) and test out different Leaders and deck compositions!

Each Champion has both a Leader ability and an Upgraded Leader ability.



Join guilds to chat with other players, share replays, play friendly battles, and collect Guild Tomes!

You can join any guild (private guilds require acceptance) or create your own guild for only 1,000 Coins.

Currently, the ranks for Guild members are as follows:

Owner > Co-Owner > Elite > Member

Elites and above can invite players, accept join requests, and kick members.

Only Owners and Co-Owners can promote members.

If an Owner leaves a guild, the next highest ranking member with the earliest join date becomes the new Owner

> Guild Tomes are collected every 8 hours (fixed timer).

> Guild Tomes can be leveled up once per 8-hour session.

> Guild Tomes have 6 tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Champions) with 5 levels per tier.

> The required amount of Obscura Stones per level will increase with each additional level.

> Guild Tome levels are reset with each Season reset.

The new Guild Tome menu also displays the Obscura Stone contributions from each guild member as well as the rewards for each Guild Tome tier.

Guild members can level up their Guild Tome by collecting Obscura Stones from matches.

The higher level the Guild Tome, the better the rewards!

Thanks for playing RIVAL and we’ll see you in the Arena!

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